About Disadvantages of Social Media

Do you know what are the disadvantages and weaknesses of social media.

Cyberbullying - Very sad if you see the phenomenon of impromptu commentator that many occur in Indonesia.

Without knowing the reasons clearly, they are more likely to give negative comments to the effect of cyberbullying.

Negative suggestions and comments delivered with harsh words lead to a feeling of downside for the account owner.

It can also invite others to do the same thing even if they do not know the root cause of the problem.

Bad comment - This is an example of Sribu campaign for the promotion of an ebook on LinkedIn, but there are still comments that want to slander Sribu without a clear purpose ..... .that is, somebody else is ngelike again.

Fraud and defamation - The freedom to create a social media account opens a loophole for criminals. There are a lot of fake accounts available in social media. See more new social media platforms.

Unfortunately most of the fake accounts are mostly used for negative things. One of them is by claiming to be a person's official account, then they start doing defamation.